The Rules and Regulation of Nursing Education Association of Macao (NEAM)

The association shall be known as Nursing Education Association of Macao “NEAM” in abbreviation hereafter in this constitution referred to as or the organization.
It is declared and certified that the constitution of the above named association has been effective on 3rd December 2010 and filed under 2010/ASS/M4, No. 234, the relevant details are listed as follows:
Constitution of the “Nursing Education Association of Macao”.


Chapter 1 General Principles

Article 1

“ 澳門護理教育學會” is the Chinese name of the association and “Nursing Education Association of Macao” in English or “NEAM” in abbreviation.

Article 2

The mission of this organization is to develop the advanced nursing education. It is achieved through studies of nursing practice and theories, networking with global nursing institutes, organizing academic activities, providing nursing information, editing and publishing of books and nursing journals. In order to provide high quality clinical nursing personnel, the quality of nursing education and the development of advanced nursing education in Macao have to be enhanced.

Article 3

The association is located at Macao Polytechnic Institute, Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macao.


Chapter 2 Membership

Article 4 Qualifications of Membership
People who work in Macao as nursing educators, clinical n
ursing instructors, nursing administrators, nursing researchers, clinical nurses and postgraduate nursing students or above, who are willing to recognize and fulfil the obligations of the constitution, payments of dues, are eligible to apply as members

Article 5
Rights of Members

Members are entitled the right to vote and the right to be elected as officers of the organization, the right to attend various academic seminars and educational exchange activities which are organized by the association, and the right to publish research results within the publications of the association.

Article 6
Obligations of Members

Members are requested to abide by the posting regulations, keep up reputation, support and participate in the activities of the association, including payments of dues.


Chapter 3 Organization

Article 7
Structure of Organization

The association is composed of members of the General Assembly, Committee and Supervisory Board.

Article 8
Terms of Duty

A period of three years for each term of duty of the president, vice president of the association, and members of the Committee and Supervisory Board. They can be re-elected continually after their termination.

Article 9
The composition of the General Assembly

The General Assembly has the highest authority in the association, which is consisted of the president and the vice presidents who are elected by the General Assembly.

Article 10
Functions of the General Assembly

The duties of the General Assembly are as follows:
1. To examine and adopt the regulations;
2. To nominate, vote, appoint and dismiss the president, vice president, Committee and Supervisory Board through the General Assembly.
3. To discuss and endorse the annual working report, financial budget and treasury report submitted by the Committee and Supervisory Board;
4. To enact and amend the constitution.

Article 11
The composition of the Committee:

The Committee is the implementing body of the Association; its members are elected at the General Assembly. The Committee consists of one director, two vice director, one secretary and a number of Committee members. The sum of Committee members must be in odd number.

Article 12
Functions of Committee

Duties of the Committee are as follows:
1. To exercise decisions resulted from the General Assembly;
2. To plan and organize the activities of the Association;
3. To submit annual report on schedule;
4. To be responsible for routine operations of the association.

Article 13
The composition of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the monitoring body of the Association; its members are elected at the General Assembly. The Supervisory Board consists of one chief supervisor and a number of supervisors; their sum must be in odd number.

Article 14
Functions of the Supervisory Board

Duties of the supervisory board are as follows:
1. The Supervisory Board monitors the implementation of resolutions from the General Assembly;
2. Auditing financial budgets and treasury accounts;
3. To submit an annual report as monitoring

Article 15
Honorary Presidents and Consultants

Through the resolution of the General Assembly, senior nursing experts and people who care about nursing development within the community could be invited as the honorary presidents and consultants.


Chapter 4 Meetings

Article 16
Call for Meeting and Holding of General Assembly

The General Assembly shall be held once a year; it is decided by the president of the association, the director of the Committee and also the chief supervisor of supervisory Board. Special individual meetings of these organizational bodies are requested subject to their president.

Article 17
The Adoption of Provisions

Unless otherwise specified in law, the adoption of resolution can only be valid with more than 50% of the members present from the Committee and the Supervisory Board in the meeting; and the adoption of the resolution depends on the numbers of vote that are more than half of the number of the attendees.


Chapter 5 Cancellation and Automatic Loss of Membership

Article 18
Disqualification of Membership

Members who do not comply with the constitution, or have caused damage to the reputation or interests of the association, their membership will be terminated as long as half numbers of the members from the Committee have granted for the dismissal. The paid membership fees will not be refunded.
(The Macao Special Administrative Region Bulletins - the second group, 50 Issue –15th December, 2010)

Article 19
Automatic Loss of Membership

Members who discontinue the payment of membership for more than two years will not be entitled to membership, as well as the rights of members.


Chapter 6 Funds

Article 20
The sources of funds:
1. Membership fee
2. Donations and sponsorships from personal or any social organizations.
3. Government subsidies.


Chapter 7 Supplementary Terms

Article 21
Supplementary Law

All matters not covered by this constitution shall be subjected to the existing laws of Macao.