The Belief of NEAM

Strive for Excellence

Enhance Quality Nursing Education in Macao


The mission of this organization is to develop the advanced nursing education. It is achieved through studies of nursing practice and theories, networking with global nursing institutes, organizing academic activities, providing nursing information, editing and publishing of books and nursing journals. In order to provide high quality clinical nursing personnel, the quality of nursing education and the development of advanced nursing education in Macao have to be enhanced.{ /jb_black}

The objectives of the Nursing Education Association of Macao are:

1) To develop and assure the delivery of quality advanced nursing education in Macao through seminars, conferences, exhibitions and nursing publications.
2) To facilitate and encourage expertise experience exchange within the domain of nursing education, nursing practice and research studies.
3) To promote and to protect the legal rights, welfares and interests of the nursing professionals.
4) To propose and make suggestion to the Government of Macao Special Administrative Region on any issues concern with health policy, nursing education and nursing profession.